Can A Tooth Infection Cause Fatigue? (Treatment Is Immediately Needed)

Can a tooth infection cause fatigue? Absolutely yes! So seek your dentist's help immediately.

Can a tooth infection cause fatigue? Did you experience waking up feeling all tired while you have an infected tooth? What are the possible treatment options for a tooth infection? In actuality, you have to prevent damaging your teeth. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing your teeth permanently.

Know what a tooth infection is?

A beautiful girl experiencing toothache from a dental abscess.

Can a tooth infection cause fatigue to a person who has it? How vulnerable can a person be with this condition? We will provide you answers as we go along with this article. For now, let us know first what a tooth infection is.

A tooth infection or dental abscess is a result of neglecting an oral issue inside your mouth. A dental abscess occurs when there is a collective formation of pus and bacteria in a person’s tooth or gum.

The initial symptom of an infection is a toothache. If you just ignored or delayed treatment, you should expect that it can get an infection sooner or later. In general, tooth infections are mostly treatable if you’ll only act immediately.

Aside from toothache, other symptoms can occur when you have an infected tooth. You can apply remedies to it. However, if you will not undergo treatment for the primary cause, the infection can spread throughout the body.

Furthermore, it could be life-threatening once the infection spreads to other parts of the body. Other symptoms will start to show, including fatigue. Yes! A tooth infection can cause fatigue.

Can a tooth infection cause fatigue?

Overall, the spread of tooth infection can cause fatigue or chronic tiredness. With an infected tooth, you can feel like you don’t want to make movements at all. It just feels like you want to lay in bed the whole day.

When the immune system notices bacteria in the body, it will continuously release the inflammatory fighting cells unless you receive treatment. In effect, the overstimulation will lead to fatigue.

Furthermore, the longer you delay your treatment, the more it will become difficult for your immune system to fight the bacteria. The immune system might reach its limitation, especially if the infection has reached various body parts.

The best thing you can do is to receive treatment as early as possible to prevent the spread of infection. Seeking medical advice from your dentist is a lot better than experiencing more symptoms that can hinder your daily activities.

Besides that, immediate treatment is necessary to prevent more severe health conditions. As we mentioned, neglecting an infection can result in tooth loss, and then a restorative treatment will be needed..

Treatment for dental abscess

A person’s treatment for a tooth infection will depend on various factors, including the following.

  • Dentists will check the initial location of the dental abscess.
  • Additionally, they have to confirm the extent of the infection’s spread.
  • Moreover, they also have to confirm the immune’s system reaction to the dental infection.

Once the dentist already confirmed these factors, that’s the time they can give treatment recommendations.

Potential treatments applicable

Below are the possible treatment options that your dentist is most likely to recommend according to your dental condition.

  • Root canal treatment (RCT): This option involves treating an abscess deep inside the tooth. They will drill the tooth and remove the pus and bacteria collection at the root. Afterward, the dentist will fill the space left and put a crown once it completely healed.
  • Apicoectomy: It is the root-end resection. It involves opening up the gums and removing the tooth root’s end along with other infected tissue. This procedure is necessary if RCT cannot remove the infection entirely.
  • Antibiotics: Taking antibiotics helps reduce the infection and stops it from spreading. If it has already spread to other parts of the body, dentists will extend the antibiotic treatment. As for severe cases, patients might receive their antibiotics in the hospital through an intravenous drip.
  • Drainage: It is also possible to drain the pus directly from its site.

The medical professionals have to look into the level of infection spread to ensure that the patient will receive the appropriate treatment. The patient has to act before it reaches various parts of the body quickly.

Additionally, sepsis can also occur once an overreaction from the immune system due to an infection in the blood. This serious medical condition can lead to septic shock if untreated.

Preventing dental infection

Generally speaking, you can prevent an infection from occurring. You can reduce the chances of developing it through the following.

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day using toothpaste with fluoride content. Furthermore, brush your teeth gently.
  • Additionally, you also have to floss your teeth at least once a day. It can help remove plaque and tiny food particles in between your teeth and gumlines.
  • You can also consider using mouthwash to maintain a fresher breath.
  • Moreover, it would be best if you improve your eating habits, including the food you take. Limiting the intake of sugary foods and drinks will make a huge difference.
  • Most importantly, you have to maintain regular visits with your dentist. They are the best source of care for your oral health.
Your dentist is your best option for an excellent oral condition.

If you encounter a tooth infection, immediate medical attention from your dentist is necessary.

Can a tooth infection cause fatigue?

In the final analysis, a tooth infection can also lead to fatigue or chronic tiredness. If the person who has it will neglect the condition and delays treatment, the risk of infection spread is high.

Even the other healthy teeth can incur a problem in the long run. Sooner or later, symptoms can become severe as well. Your treatment may become intensive as well.

For this reason, it would be best to treat the infection the sooner you felt something is wrong. It is for yourself and not anyone else.

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