Tips And Techniques On How To Overcome Fatigue

Fatigue is something that often holds you back to enjoy your life to the fullest. It greatly affects your quality of life and hinders you from doing the things that you love to do freely. In this article, we are going to share some tips and techniques on how to overcome fatigue. You can also check with specialized doctors on the internet about some methods to restore your energy.

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Fatigue is something that often holds you back to enjoy your life to the fullest. It greatly affects your quality of life and hinders you from doing the things that you love to do freely. In this article, we are going to share some tips and techniques on how to overcome fatigue. You can also check with specialized doctors on the internet about some methods to restore your energy.

Understanding Fatigue

Fatigue is the sensation of feeling tired all the time. It can be a physical weakness, mental, or a mixture of the two. Adults commonly experience it but younger ones are no exemption.

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But it’s important to know that fatigue is a symptom, not a condition, and it’s often due to an underlying medical condition.

Even though fatigue is usually classified as tiredness, there is a huge difference between the two. Ideally, we are all prone to tiredness every once in a while, and it can be easily resolved by resting or sleeping for a period of time.

However, if despite eating healthily, getting enough rest and sleep, and regularly exercising you still feel tired and weak, you are probably experiencing fatigue. If so, you might need the help of a professional to fight fatigue and overcome it.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

At some point, fatigue becomes a disorder when it gets too extreme and severe. This is called chronic fatigue syndrome, it’s when you feel heavily exhausted and tired, and not even a good night’s sleep can help. If this is the case, then there is a probability of a serious medical condition, visit your doctor right away.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis or systemic exertion intolerance disease. Unfortunately, the root cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is still not properly addressed, yet some research suggests that it is a combination of several factors such as psychological causes and viral infections.

Due to the complexity of the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome, doctors find it hard to diagnose. Additionally, there are no tests to examine its presence on a person as well.

Causes Of Fatigue

The main cause of fatigue differs, but according to studies, here are the common reasons why a person feels that way:

  • Underlying medical condition. The extreme tiredness could be due to an undiagnosed health condition. Thyroid disease, heart disease, and diabetes are some of the health conditions to watch out for when a person experiences fatigue. Moreover, this is the common cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle. Excessive consumption of alcohol, use of drugs, and chain-smoking could lead to tiredness.
  • Work issues. The stress that we experience from work could sometimes get the best of us and affect our health.
  • Emotional stress. Our experiences in life could be a huge contributor to fatigue. Generally, it is usually a symptom that indicates mental health problems like depression and sadness.

Signs And Symptoms

Apart from tiredness, the symptoms of fatigue also affect an individual physically and emotionally. Below are the common signs of fatigue:

  • chronic sleepiness and tiredness
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • blurred vision
  • weakness
  • muscle weakness
  • body sore
  • aching muscles
  • irritability or being moody
  • slow reflexes
  • slow physical movements
  • dense responses
  • impaired decision-making skills
  • loss of appetite
  • weak immunity
  • memory issues
  • cannot concentrate properly
  • hallucinating
  • unmotivated
  • do not pay enough attention
  • distracted

Medical Diagnosis Of Fatigue

One of the best ways to overcome fatigue is by first, surely knowing that you indeed are fatigued. While the symptoms are quite confusing, your doctor may use several methods to diagnose your condition. These methods might include the following:

  1. Reviewing medical history. The most efficient way to know if your fatigue is caused by a health condition is by knowing your medical history.
  2. Physical exam. This is done in order to see if you have underlying illnesses or disease that contributes to your tiredness.
  3. Interview. Since lifestyle is a huge factor in obtaining chronic fatigue syndrome, you will also be asked about personal matters. The questions might include information about your diet, alcohol consumption, other habits, and life events.
  4. Several tests. For an accurate diagnosis, you will be asked to take laboratory tests such as urine tests, blood tests, x-rays, and many more.

How To Overcome Fatigue

So how exactly do you fight fatigue? The answer is simple, get your energy back! But let’s be honest here, it’s not easy to overcome fatigue, in order to do so, you need to be fully committed and dedicated to making your life better.

Here are some of the best ways to fight fatigue and live a peaceful and joyful life:

Eliminate possible health problems

As mentioned, the symptom is commonly due to underlying medical conditions. Talk to your doctor and explain how you feel physically and mentally. Once the main cause of fatigue is diagnosed, the tiredness will gradually alleviate after you receive medication.

Engage in physical activities

While it can be difficult to move and join in activities due to exhaustion, studies show that doing so will naturally boost your energy. As a matter of fact, physical activities have proven to be effective in improving a person’s quality of life. It will not only help you overcome fatigue, but it will also give you a healthier body.

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Fatigue is not limited to physical tiredness. Oftentimes, it also affects our mental health and makes us feel mentally exhausted. To fight fatigue, you might want to consider joining a yoga class. Yoga is an effective way to combat stress, anxiety, and depression. It helps an individual improve their minds health, energy, as well as confidence.


Lack of water in the body decreases our energy levels and affects our overall performance. Some research concludes that dehydration is one of the reasons why some athletes are not performing well. It’s actually quite common to feel fatigued while a person is actively doing something without taking a short break to drink water.

Get enough sleep and rest

One of the most common reasons why we feel extremely tired sometimes is lack of sleep and rest. Not getting enough sleep puts us at risk of accidents and many health conditions. If you feel tired but sleeping for hours is not possible at the moment, you may take a 10-minute nap instead. It’s been said that napping from time to time increases a person’s energy levels especially if it’s followed by a cup of coffee.

Eat more fish

Apart from the benefits of Omega 3 for your heart, it is also a great nutrient to improve alertness. One study on the year 2009 proves that omega 3 can improve responses by letting volunteers take capsules of fish oil for less than a month. The volunteers show improved alertness and quicker reflexes after taking the oil respectively.

Lose some weight

It’s important to consider your weight as well if fatigue comes too often. Overweight people tend to get tired easily due to the excess fat in their bodies. Doing cardio every day can help you lose some pounds in the most natural way. It’ll also improve your mood, life quality, and physical strength.

Observe your diet

Aside from resting, getting enough sleep, exercising, and meditating, the foods you eat should also be taken into consideration. Getting the right nutrients for your body will not only boost your energy but will also help in improving your overall health.

Know your circadian rhythms

Be aware of the times of the day where you are most energetic and when you’re not. You can schedule your most demanding activities when you have the most energy for you to accomplish your daily tasks and responsibilities.

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