How does optimum health insurance in India look like?

optimum health insurance

India is one of the most populated nations in the world, with 1.3 billion people living in and out of the country in 2018. You can just expect how vast the healthcare system should be to cater to such a great number of people. It is understandable then that the health insurance industry in India is also booming since a lot of people are already in need of health care assistance. But how does optimum health insurance in India look like? For instance, is it safe to get your dental implants in India?

Health insurance in India

The health care system in India is nothing to be proud of, as some citizens would approve. The supervision of the heal care funds is divided into each state, but there is either inadequate funds or mismanagement towards the usage of the money for health care. What happens is people turn to private health insurance companies instead of depending on the free public health services given by the government. And as we all know, health insurance is reliable but more expensive and has lopsided quality.

Can we trust Indian health insurance?

We cannot say that the insurance providers in India are substandard; however, their practices and coverage can never compare from what health insurance companies in the US or UK, for example, can provide.

It is expensive. While we can expect that health insurance policies are indeed expensive anywhere we go, India’s insurance policies are more expensive for their citizens because about half of their population, which is an estimated 700 million Indians, are poor. There is definitely no way for them to afford the premiums set by insurance companies.

The government covers very little in healthcare expenses. In 2012, India spent about only 4% of its GDP on health care, accounting for only less than 25% of the total health care expenditure they had for that year.

Health care costs are increasing yearly. In India, it is considered a necessity to get health insurance considering the country’s skyrocketing expenditure for health care. However, only 10% of the population is now covered with health insurance. That is how depressing the health care system in India is.

optimum health insurance

Benefits of getting health insurance coverage in India

If you have optimum health insurance in India, you are entitled to have some perks, namely:

  • Free medical consultations
  • Cash-free medical treatment
  • Hospital room cost coverage depending on the type of policy
  • Pre- and Post-hospitalization coverage
  • Ambulance fee
  • Discount in policy renewal if no claim bonus (NCB) for a particular coverage is met
  • Co-payment option
  • Tax rebate benefits from health insurance coverage

It is not easy to become sick or need medical attention anywhere. Health insurance policies are options you can take to make your medical needs met conveniently and affordably. Contact trusted insurance providers and inquire about how you can get covered depending on your needs, budget, and preference.

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