Overcome your pregnancy fatigue

Pregnant women undergo many changes to their bodies while new life forms inside. Pregnancy fatigue is one of the common symptoms, especially during the first trimester. Read more in this article about how daily fatigue might cause night teeth grinding

What is pregnancy fatigue?

It is scientifically proven that women get more tired than men. So, a woman can feel tired, but then pregnancy fatigue is something else altogether. Many factors would come into play for a pregnant woman experiencing chronic fatigue.

One reason could be that you are not sleeping well. If you do not get a good enough sleep, this could lead to other complications like bruxism or teeth grinding. If you are experiencing this, your dentist will be able to give you recommendations about what to do. Another reason would be that the morning sickness makes it hard for you to eat and re-energize yourself. Being pregnant also means that your heart is working twice as hard. This would also mean that the extra baby weight is making you exert more effort in moving around. No matter what anyone tells you, normal or not, it can be frustrating.

Ways to overcome your pregnancy fatigue

Even if this is a normal occurrence in pregnant women, and it does not signal that anything is wrong with you or your baby, it is still something that can slow you down and make you feel awful. The good news is, some ways can help you combat pregnancy fatigue.

Exercise daily. We know it can be a little more difficult to even think of exercise if you are tired and very heavy because of the excess weight of your baby but trust us. You don’t need to do any heavy exercise, just brisk walking in the morning is enough to make you feel better. It would also promote better sleep.

overcome your pregnancy fatigue

Eat a healthy diet. Of course, a pregnant woman will already be eating healthy, but experts have suggested that an anti-inflammatory diet is key to fighting pregnancy fatigue. Avoiding food and beverages that are rich in caffeine would also help in getting better sleep. The stimulant properties of caffeine may affect the mood and sleep pattern of a pregnant woman.

Get enough sleep. It is very important to get enough sleep to avoid feeling tired. Take the opportunity to relax, because when your baby will arrive, they will keep you up all night for the first few months. It is recommended to get a night’s sleep that is eight to nine hours long. You may also choose to nap throughout the day to make you feel energized. However, you must also be wary about oversleeping, which can make you feel more tired.

Keep in mind that pregnancy fatigue is a good sign. Your body is trying to tell you that the pregnancy hormones are circulating well and they are working to help your baby grow healthily. If you are still feeling tired even after trying these techniques, talk to your doctor, they may need to run some tests to make sure that you are not suffering from anemia or hyperthyroidism. 

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