Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Fibromyalgia chronic fatigue syndrome refers to an illness that causes severe fibrous tissues and muscles pain. The symptoms of this condition usually appear and leave unknowingly meaning they are difficult to control and exterminate. People with fibromyalgia often suffer from chronic head and neck muscle pain, and dental problems such as cavities or chronic bruxism can exacerbate these fibromyalgia symptoms.

Fibromyalgia syndrome marks can persist for a short duration of time like just a week or several months continuously. This has made many patients cope with their problems and continue with their lives normally.

Since most of the symptoms appear for just a limited period of time, they make them appear more of symptoms rather than the disease itself. Many of fibromyalgia syndrome symptoms appear simultaneously thus making these disorder a unique one.

Fibromyalgia is delivered from words, viz “fibro” meaning fibrous tissues found in ligaments and tendons. The second word, “My” meaning muscles and the third-word “algia” meaning pain. At severe condition, great pain is felt within muscles and the fibrous tissues associated with chloric fatigue.

Information about the Fibromyalgia condition was not available until the late eighties when research concerning the condition was made and much information discovered about it. About 5 million people in the US are believed to be leaving with the condition.


There is no specific known cause of this condition but experts indicate there is a probability of the condition being triggered by certain genetic mutation especially when one is exposed to certain viruses. Women are more vulnerable compared to males.

Some type of viruses combined with certain infections shows a very big link between those suffering from the condition and having this infection and viruses.

Fibromyalgia symptoms.

*Chronic widespread pain
*Unrefreshing sleep
*Cognitive impairment
*Dizziness and impaired coordination.

Treatment involves giving the patient pain relievers to relieve severe pain and improve quality of life.

Changes in lifestyle are encouraged to control symptoms such as:

*Post-exertional malaise,
*Sleep problems
*Brain fog.

Since Fibromyalgia condition is an extremely stressful condition, patients undergo counseling and other stress-reduction techniques.

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