Fatigue After Dental Work

For some people visiting the dentist is a stressful event. There are a number of reasons for this, one of them is the feeling of fatigue and tiredness that they may get after enduring a dental implant restoration. There are a number of reasons why people feel so tired after this type of ordeal, and knowing the potential causes may help make their next trip to the dentist less concerning.

One probable cause of tiredness after a dental procedure can be caused by the initial nervousness about going to the dentist in the first place. There are different reasons why some people fear going to the dentist: they may be afraid that they will need more substantial dental work, maybe it’s because of the discomfort and pain from someone looking around and probing in their mouths, or it could be that some people don’t like the sounds of the equipment and the feelings that come along with teeth cleaning. This fear or nervousness can make the whole situation worse on the patient.

Just the stress from thinking about an upcoming dental visit can release hormones in a person that causes their bodies to ready itself for a perceived threat. After the dental visit is over, and the perceived threat is done, their body will relax, which will result in a feeling of relief or fatigue for some people. Their bodies have prepared themselves for a very stressful event and once that event is over their bodies will seek rest.

Dentists will usually use topical anesthetics to numb the person’s mouth to keep them from feeling any major pain. These anesthetics can and do cross the blood/brain barriers and this can result in some mild fatigue for the patient after the procedure is over. When a considerable amount of anesthetic is used, it is recommended that the patient does not drive until the drowsiness of the medication wears off.

Bacteraemia is another possible cause of fatigue after dental work is performed on someone. This is just simply bacteria that has gotten into the bloodstream. The body will fight this foreign substance that has found its way in and that may present as fatigue in some people.

If a patient is aware of some of the potential causes of the fatigue that they may feel after having dental work, it may help them to be prepared to deal with their fatigue beforehand. It may also just be comforting for some to know the reasons why they may feel tired after visiting the dentist. And it may help to know that it’s perfectly normal to feel fatigued after visiting the dentist.

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