Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Disability

Chronic fatigue syndrome involves a medical condition which is not known about. It causes extreme fatigue for not less than half a year. What causes it is still unknown though most research associates the condition with immune system issues or viral infections.

The condition affects both genders with the majority of those being affected being aged around fifty to sixty years old. Chronic fatigue syndrome disability is a condition where the chronic fatigue syndrome affects your mental and physical frequently over an extended period of time that is more than six months.

Persons affected with the syndrome are likely to feel fatigued even when sleeping or when performing basic daily activities. This, in turn, affects their cognitive performances.

Other frequent symbols associated with the chronic fatigue syndrome disability are:

*Muscle and joint paint,

Since no physical signs in the initial stages that would alert a person about the medical practitioner any presence of the condition, or any laboratory tests to diagnose the condition, then the patients are forced to stay with the condition.

Many individuals and families find it difficult to accept the presence of the condition even when the effects are debilitating. Those with minor chronic fatigue syndrome are likely to live normal lives but others they can only remain in beds isolated.

Chronic fatigue syndrome disability treatment differs from one patient to another but all patients are given pain relievers or antidepressants to relieve the excruciating pain or depression.

Physical therapies and regular exercises will improve the condition and the patients functioning in general.

Determine eligible qualifications for disability benefit.

Since there is no blue documentation of chronic fatigue syndrome, them your qualifications to apply for these benefits are determined by how well you present your case.

Consider the following general symptoms when you think to apply for these benefits.

*Proof of non-exudative pharyngitis

*Confirmation of swollen or tender lymph nodes

*Written documents from current attending physicians concerning your condition and limitations

*Frequent, reproducible muscle tenderness

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