the connecticut cfids & fm association, inc.
p.o. box 3010 milford, ct 06460 infoline: (800) 952-2037

listed below are several areas where we could use your volunteer support
we ask that volunteers be dependable and committed
call our infoline to see how you can help (800) 952-2037

(public awareness)
arrange for public service announcements on cptv, community access tv and other state tv stations. write and submit articles for printing in local and state news papers. post brochures and pamphlets in public places.

(medical provider education and awareness)
go to connecticut medical society and attempt to educate doctors and let them know there is a market for good treatment for cfids / fm and orthostatic intolerance. speak at medical schools and hospitals. work closely with the cfids association of america on their primary care provider education project.

(news media and political awareness)
contact and develop relationships with persons from the news media including people such as tom monahan from channel 30, and johnathan harris. we also need people from the political district of rosa delauro or people with experience working with state or national representatives.

(personal thank you letters)
when the association has positive meetings with state agencies, public officials, or the news media. we would like to have a group of people that are willing to write personal thank you letters to these people. we would also like to have one person organize and coordinate these efforts with input from the board of directors.

(support groups)
renew our yearly membership to csn and fm network for support groups. stay in regular contact with all state support groups. ask them for information on any events they might have scheduled and keep them informed of the activities of our state association. persuade their members to join our association.

(the network)
help us with publishing our quarterly newsletter, the network. this person should have experience with desktop publishing software. write articles for the network and our e-mail newsletter. solicit advertising for our web site and the network (according to preset ground rules and with approval on an individual basis by the board of directors).

volunteer your time to help out at events such as our conferences. speak at conferences. help organize conferences. possibly do lectures at other medical conferences. write and send out fliers for conferences.

(generate funding and corporate networking)
yankee magazine, pfizer, and possibly contact other drug companies with approval of the board of directors. arrange for free printing of materials by cl&p. explore the possibility of other corporate donations or funding.

(professional liaison)
work with other regional, state and national groups to organize a yearly gathering of representatives and develop a closer relationship with these groups. network with government officials, health department., department of disability for the state of connecticut, the cfids association of america, etc. interface with other non-profit groups i.e. women's disability network

(executive director)
we need a person with this title to earn funding from the community health charities and other charitable origination’s. this person should have previous grant writing experience. we would like to find a volunteer, but this may become a part time paid position. we would expect a person in this position to be professional, experienced and very committed to growing the association.

(association membership)
determine how to generate more members and follow up on current membership. help with mailings and calling people to promote membership.

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