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our activities:

  • publishing a quarterly newsletter, the network, which provides local and national cfids/fm information and support.

  • operating a cfids/fm help and information telephone hotline.

  • responding to thousands of requests for information and referrals from people in connecticut and elsewhere.

  • funding national medical research.

  • providing statewide speaker events on topics of special interest to the cfids/fm patient and medical provider community.

  • communicating with state congressional and legislative representatives concerning cfids/fm issues.

  • facilitating historic connecticut legislation directing the public health department to disseminate cfids/fm information to physicians and the general public.

  • supplying cfids/fm support group leaders around the state with educational materials, training, and publicity about meetings.

  • sharing cfids/fm information with employers and community groups through invited appearances.

our history:

  • the connecticut cfids & fm association inc. was incorporated in 1992.

  • we have helped pass historic legislation through the connecticut health department. we have also encouraged several connecticut governors to proclaim may 12th cfids awareness day.

  • we publish an acclaimed quarterly newsletter called the network. articles from our newsletter have been republished throughout the country.

  • we also have hosted a first of its kind children's conference. our association has hosted dozens of speaker conferences. some of our renowned speakers have included dr. peter rowe, dr. david bell, dr. i. jon russell, dr. nancy klimas and a host of other well respected practitioners and researchers.

  • we have provided information, assistance and guidance to both the chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia communities. our association has also run grand rounds seminars on various topics including orthostatic intolerance.

  • we are proud of all we have accomplished. we plan on continuing our efforts for as long as we are needed. we continue our fight until there is a cure.

materials available from the ct cfids/fm association:

  • general information packet, including listings of ct support groups, and additional literature. (free)

(a donation of $3.00 for each item below, is requested to offset our costs)

  • social security disability resource packet, which explains the benefits application process, provides legal referrals and lists other publications which will assist patients applying for benefits.

  • children's information packet, which assists parents, physicians, and school personnel in understanding the special needs of children with cfids/fm.

  • fibromyalgia packet, which contains information about fms and its relationship to cfids, a recommended reading list, referrals, and an fms primer.

  • back issues of the network, the quarterly newsletter of the connecticut cfids/fm association are available.

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